Hangin Tre Cow Dog Taz
           In 2002 Jeff purchased his first Hangin Tree. The breed worked out perfect for his operation. From the roping pen to gathering loose cattle they can handle all kinds of jobs.

         Taz is the main stud dog. He has been an exceptional dog and has worked countless hours with Jeff. Taz is a go all day long dog. He has a tremendous amount of eye with the bite to back it up both on the head and heels. He is an extremely clean heeler.
Taz the stud dog for Jeff Straight Hangin Tree Cowdogs.
Taz working cattle

GEM                      JOSEY


Gem is one of Jeff's top females. She is a gritty female that leans more to the head. Gem is great outside catching loose cattle.
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                     Josey is a female out of Taz and Gem. She is a well rounded dog with a lot of eye and bite. Josey can sure hold her own out gathering. With one litter on the ground, it looks like she is a producer as well.
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The Straights dogs have two or three litters of pups a year and they try to keep a few pups to start. Jeff and Jocelyn's boys keep the pups well socialized. All pups are guaranteed to go to cattle.
Hangin Tree Cowdog Puppies
          Jeff's started dogs will be able to go do a job and will be priced according to their ability.