Son of
Two Eyed Red Buck 

 Two Id Shoter Buck Heading at AQHA World Show
Shooter Buck Heading at AQHA World Show

Shooter Buck Heeling at AQHA World Show


 Shooter waiting patiently at the AQHA World Show
  • Genetic Typed
  • Incentive Fund Stallion
  • Parent Verified
  • DOB 2002
  • Buckskin Stallion

             Two Id Shooter Buck is the whole package: color, conformation, pedigree and disposition. This buckskin stallion is a proven all-around horse that is competitive at the top levels of compeitition and has the performance record to back it up. Shooter has qualified for the AQHA World Show 17 times in 4 seperate events landing in the top ten 4 times.

Watch for Shooter colts in the arena as they follow in their sire's footsteps! 



Show Record: 
Team Roping (Heeling)  
Team Roping (Heading)  
Calf Roping  


2005 AQHA ROM Heeling
2005 AQHA Superior Heeling
2007 10th AQHA World Show Jr. Heeling
2008 AQHA Superior Heading
2008 AQHA World Show Heeling Finalist
2009 AQHA Superior Tie Down
2009 AQHA Performance Champion
2009 AQHA World Show 9th Senior Heeling
2009 AQHA World Show 9th Senior Heading
2010 AQHA Halter ROM
     (1 Open Grand.& 3 Open Performance Halter Grand.) 
2010 AQHA World Show Tie Down Finalist

1 All-around Denver
1 All-around Souix Falls, South Dakota

Top Tens

  • 2006 9th Heeling
  • 2009 8th Tie Down
  • 2009 6th Heeling
  • 2010 10th Tie Down
  • 2010 10th Heeling

High Point

  • 2006 4th Jr. Heeling
  • 2008 8th Senior Heeling
  • 2009 3rd Senior Heeling 
  • 2009 4th Senior Tie Down
  • 2010 5th Senior Heeling
  • 2010 4th Senior Tie Down

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